Film Descriptions


About Want and Need (Animation) TRT 5:00

Since Will has lost his wife, his relationships are completely moribund. Now he tries to get over his loss by projecting his problems onto Gertrude, his bird. But the new relationship does not seem to result in any improvements. Will projects his fears onto the helpless bird that just doesn’t seem to be open for this kind of mental training.

Ace High (Spaghetti western) Italy TRT 127:00

Bounty hunters (Terence Hill, Brock Peters) chase an outlaw (Eli Wallach) who beat them to a reward offered for a bank robber.

Always Stop for Rabbits (Comedy) USA TRT 13:00

In this offbeat short, Clarence, a desperately bagged, bound, and half-blinded runaway evades his hangmen by hitching a ride with an eccentric stranger. He soon finds out that asking for any real help is pointless… No matter how much he smiles.

At the Border (Drama) Serbia TRT 15:00

In 2012, a wave of western emigrants in search of happiness, want to enter poor but happy Serbia. But this country closes its borders to the rich and builds an anti-migration wall. Arnaud, a French illegal emigrant, wants to join Jelena in Serbia.

Audition (Drama) Venezuela TRT 13:00

Nina travels inside Venezuela to Caracas to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. After a long wait to get the long-awaited audition, she moved to the city of Caracas. Overwhelmed and having overcome several adversities, she finally manages to reach the majestic Main Theater.

The Beekeeper’s Keeper (Documentary) USA TRT 7:00

Born and raised in Manhattan, Liane Newton dreamed of owning a farm. After the death of her father, she set out to make her fantasy a reality. Newton now runs, a non-profit working to ensure that all beekeepers in NYC have access to training and mentoring.

Brainwash (Experimental) United Kingdom TRT 8:00

A group of people head to work, it’s just their average 9 – 5 working day.

Brass Banned (Documentary) India TRT 12:00

Documentary on brass bands which have been banned to perform in the state of Maharashtra.

Champagne (Drama) USA TRT 11:00

In 1944, Champagne, France two American soldiers survive an accident and are left stranded in the country side with a German prisoner and argue over the fate of his life.

Color Green/Ragamuffin Production:  A film featuring the lives of Rich Mullins and Brennan Manning



Cinema Francais (Drama) United Kingdom TRT 10:00

An old movie theatre nears its final screening. One mysterious visitor returns every day to watch the same film. And one curious girl ventures to find out why. Screened at Cannes 2016.

Circus of the Dead (Horror) USA TRT 102:00

A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game when the circus comes to town and a sadistic clown forces him to examine the things in life he takes for granted in the most horrific ways.

Dark Dreamer (Thriller) Germany TRT 15:00

A fantasy short about the nature of dreams. Marcus wakes up in the middle of the night and gets a visit from a strange creature with unnatural powers. The man calls himself a Nighthob and opens up about the fact that Marcus doesn’t know what life he has lived so far.

Endo (Comedy) USA TRT 8:00

A robo-phobic man has a foul incident with his new cleaning android.

The Example (Drama) USA TRT 24:00

During a race riot in Beaumont, Texas in June 1943, Officer Miller Harvey, a white police officer is determined to protect and serve his city and family. Black business owner Carver Jefferson is hell-bent on taking his family far away from the city as racial hostility has led to the destruction of his home and business.

After curfew while Beaumont is under martial law, Harvey, another white officer and Jefferson’s worlds collide at a roadblock. Tensions explode on that hot summer night, forcing them to make decisions that will question their morals, loyalty and manhood

Fabrizio’s Initiation (Comedy) Argentina TRT 17:00

A coming of age story that recently won the Crystal Bear at Berlinale Generation Section.

Fill in the Blanks (Comedy) France TRT 9:00

At the laundry, a man listens to two girls’ intimate conversation. Unfortunately, several noises prevent him to hear the most interesting details.

Forgotten Days (Drama) Greece TRT 11:00

An old man, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, is wandering out onto the deserted country roads of Greece. A driver helps him to reach his destination. Their common journey awakens memories that bring them closer to each other.

The Golden Fish (Animation) Taiwan TRT 5:00

In this society, self-mutilation is described as intending to get attention. But this kind of comment is helpless. This is a story about self-mutilation. It encourages everyone to accept and face ourselves. No matter what kind of person we think we are.

Good Night (Animation) Austria TRT 7:00

Music clip for the first hear the music by Schubert. The dark expressionist black and white imagery oscillates between comedy and song from Franz Schubert’s song cycle “Winter’s Journey”. A sock puppet strolls through niveous winter worlds as we tragedy.

Gorilla (Comedy) France TRT 14:00

Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man.

Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man.

Grocery Store Action Movie (Comedy) Canada TRT 13:00

Alex is in the express checkout lane at the grocery store when he realizes with horror that he has forgotten the all-important crackers. With his dinner guests already on their way over, Alex must risk life and limb to achieve the impossible: locate the salty snacks before losing his place next in line. A hilarious send-up of action movie clichés created by and starring three-time Canadian Comedy Award-winning sketch duo Peter n’ Chris.

Hanging on the Wall (Drama) Italy TRT 11:00

A robbery failed: two boys are jailed. Now is the time of memory, of repentance and of the future. What is a mistake? What is an opportunity?

Heroyna (Romance/Thriller) Mexico TRT 70:00

King and Queen are robbers, addicts and -above all- lovers. Together they form the center of the universe. After a life of failure and loneliness, they are faced with the opportunity of one last, great crime that could buy their way to freedom. Now, they will stop at nothing in their pursuit of wild, violent euphoria; a paradise where they can be away from the world, alone with each other. Alejandro Solórzano (Director & Writer) and Claudia Sánchez (Producer) will be present for a Q&A.

Horsepower (Horror) India TRT 6:00

A young girl suffers hallucinations after watching the late night show of a horror film. But are they really hallucinations?

Jackrabbits of Odessa (Documentary) USA TRT 7:00

There are 37 jackrabbit statues in Odessa, Texas. They are located in front of local businesses, schools and hospitals. This is the story behind these colorful statues.

Le Cirque Mentale (Fantasy) USA TRT 18:00

An introverted and socially awkward 18-year-old Macy has had frequent carnival dreams for years that serve as her social escape. The dreams are led by the suave and manipulative Ring Master, who always puts Macy in the spotlight in her dreams. When her cousin Sam suggests she seek counseling because of how strange the dreams can be, she visits Peter the peer counselor.

Lifeline (Thriller) United Kingdom TRT 12:00

A desperate mother risks everything, providing a final lifeline for her son. Directed by Sam Jones.

Light Sight (Animation) Iran TRT 8:00

M.E., the character of the story, is born inside a room made of varied sized spheres and brightened by a floating light. While M.E. is greatly astonished by the light, the spheres start glittering with colorful displays and attract him to themselves. Directed by Seyed Tabatabai.

Lightning in the Hand (Western) USA TRT 20:00

The Apache say it is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand. Directed by Joey Grossman.

Like a Star (Documentary) Italy TRT 11:00

Tizianao Barbini is an Italian actor with Downs Syndrome. This is his first plane ride and trip to America.

Midnight Oil: the Making of a Mural (Documentary) USA TRT 24:00

The journey of a West Texas artist as she researches, designs and paints a large mural depicting the history of oil discovery in the Permian Basin. Laura Lewis (Producer) will be present for the Q&A.

Mini Maestro Mockumentary) USA TRT 8:00

The power of imagination as seen through the eyes of a three-year old boy. Directed, written and produced by Cheryl Allison.

Monday (Comedy) USA TRT 9:00

When Dustin is pranked into giving a speech in front of the entire school, he will stop at nothing to try and escape. Will he survive THIS Monday? Directed by Vincent Chenzy Graziano.

No. 16, Da An Road (Animation) USA TRT 7:00

“Open the window so the air can circulate. Keep the letters if you see my name on them, otherwise they are just ads and you can recycle them. There’s stuff in the fridge, but I will bring something back. And don’t forget to lock the door. I should be home soon sweetie.” With a sketchbook in hand, a young girl copes with her longings and loneliness through imagination.

A passion of gold and fire (Documentary) Belgium TRT 6:00

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. His passion of gold and fire definitely helps our environment to keep on living. Directed by Sébastien Pins.

Prestige Ingredients (Drama) USA TRT 26:00

A stifled, young Hollywood actress slips into a world of delicacies, heartache, and bitter tears when she takes an unlikely job with an inspired chef in Paris, France. Directed and produced by Danielle Rubi-Dentzel and Adrian Rubi-Dentzel.

Project Mone’t (Documentary) USA TRT 20:00

A short documentary about a young artist who exorcises her demons through the creation of a beautiful monster made of steel. She describes and shows her journey from childhood to adult through her art. Director James Fite will attend the screening for a Q&A session.

The Teacup (Animation/Comedy) Ireland TRT

When he was a child his beloved grandmother had told him “Go outside and burst into flames you shall!” A grown man now, he is content and happy living in his little house. One day there is a knock on his door and everything changes.

The Texas Sun (Documentary) USA TRT 6:00

It’s good to have friends in high places. Enemies? Not so much. Directed by Ted Fisher.

There Was a Place (Drama) Spain TRT 14:00

Carlos has lived for years remote from the site where he and his family grew by an aversion to the figure of his father. When he dies, Carlos returns to face his disappearance in a way to reconnect with a part of his past that seems lost.

Thornbird (Experimental) USA TRT 9:00

An experimental fairy-tale about a young girl who is transported into a dream world after finding a magic mask. Directed by Jonathan Stutzman.

A Thousand Aces (Drama) USA TRT 25:00

A young man infiltrates an anarchist cult in search of his ex-love who disappeared there some time before.

To Keep the Light (Drama) USA TRT 88:00

Maine, 1876. Tending the lighthouse on a remote island for her ailing husband, a woman confronts secrets buried in deep waters and navigates a hostile, new world.

Valery’s Suitcase (Romance) Canada TRT 14:00

A well-educated immigrant working a remedial job in a small town discovers an abandoned suit case with an unusual secret.

Wanda the Wonderful (Documentary) USA TRT 60:00

A feature length documentary about a volatile 1920’s Wild West sharpshooter who uses her firearm skills to escape her past. Carolyn Macartney, director and writer, will attend the screening for a Q&A session.

West Texas Chow (Documentary) USA TRT 7:00

This short documentary explores the booming food truck industry in Odessa, Texas. Two food trucks are featured along with interviews from their owners